Taste Buds

Taste Buds

By PlayQ Inc

Taste BudsTaste BudsTaste BudsTaste BudsTaste Buds

Help the Taste Buds collect delicious meals in the most effective NEW match-3 puzzle adventure! Chomp your method by way of 180 SWEET, SOUR, SPICY, SALTY, BITTER, and UMAMI flavored levels for hours of fun!


The Taste Buds are a group of six cute, fun-loving monsters, each the champion of one of many important tastes. Together, they're the Defenders of Deliciousness!

But all is not nicely in Flavoria! The mysterious Happy Monster Company has arrived, led by the dastardly Orson, a very tasteless monster decided to rid the world of flavor!

Can YOU assist the Taste Buds save their food and friends?


- Completely FREE to play

- Beautifully vivid HD graphics

- 3D maps filled with surprises

- A smorgasbord of levels

- 6 unique and attractive modes

- Eat Superfood to activate Taste Bud particular abilities

- Unlock new areas and special challenges

- Bursting with recent, sustainable, house-made, farm-to-table FUN!

Go forward and play together with your food! Download Taste Buds for FREE!

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