Sortish - Ring Sort

Sortish - Ring Sort

By az-20 Apps

Sortish - Ring SortSortish - Ring SortSortish - Ring SortSortish - Ring Sort

Solve the game by sorting colorful hoops. Think, strategize and predict each transfer. Enjoy the psychological challenge as you stack the colorful hoops.

This sport is enjoyable, strategic and satisfying.

How To Play:

1. Only one ring could be moved at a time.

2. Each transfer consists of taping on the upper ring from one of many stacks and tapping the other stack you wish to put it on

3. Group rings collectively by colour to finish the game


• Amazing colorful ring sorting at every level!

• Simple, straightforward one-touch controls

• Feel an incredible satisfaction.

• Unlimited gameplay

• Beautiful graphics

• Fun and satisfying game

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