Dark Romance 4 f2p

Dark Romance 4 f2p

By Do Games Limited

Dark Romance 4 f2pDark Romance 4 f2pDark Romance 4 f2pDark Romance 4 f2pDark Romance 4 f2p

A new free to play model of search and find thriller hidden object video games free Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death that many players of search and finding object games will like! This new discover hidden objects quest has no plot differences with the unique journey, and its main feature is that you can play the whole game with fun logic puzzles and brain teasers for free!

Persephone's betrothal is ruined when her uncle, Hades himself, whisks her away to the Underworld, the place stuffed with dangers, traps, hidden objects, secrets and thriller. It is all part of a trap by Hades and Poseidon to puzzle and lure her father Zeus to his doom. Zeus cannot danger his brothers conquering humanity, so it is as a lot as Persephone and her real love Elias to begin out an journey, play challenging brain teasers, remedy many puzzles, riddles and mini-games. Discover a way house for her. Will these lovers handle to undergo all obstacles and ever reunite, or will Hades’ Kingdom of Death be Persephone's everlasting home? Find out on this intriguing twist on the story of Persephone with logic puzzles and brain teasers within the Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death Collector’s Edition!

Unravel the secrets and techniques of the minotaur's labyrinth within the bonus chapter!

In this nice sport , you'll study what's hiding in the mysterious Minotaur’s Labyrinths and discover out hidden objects wanted to win as you remedy challenging brain teasers and logic puzzles!

Help a pair be endlessly together!

Explore the hidden city of Hades’ kingdom of death and clear up completely different free hidden object games! Help the beloved couple full completely different brain teasers and logic puzzles to be together!

Enjoy the mythology of Ancient Greece!

These find objects games free are full of perfectly drawn locations! Learn extra about the Greek mythology whereas exploring Hades’ mysterious Underworld kingdom of demise by solving logic puzzles and brain teasers!

Download one of the most breathtaking hidden objects video games – Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death Collector’s Edition! Play for completely free, however if you really feel stuck or don’t want to clear up a mini-game, you may buy hints that can help you remedy puzzles and mind teasers proceed quicker!


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Play one of many high easy new object finding full sport free journey and find all objects wanted to solve all brain teasers!

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