Prize Blast

Prize Blast

By Lagoon Software Ltd

Prize BlastPrize BlastPrize BlastPrize BlastPrize Blast

In Prize Blast you'll find a way to take part an actual treasure hunt.

The sexiest pirate sport of the year with loads of booty to win!

Arrrr ya ready to search out the treasure, win prizes and blow stuff up?

Ahoy Captain, what will we do?

Plunder the lands, by blasting the boxes!

Leave no prisoners!

What do I do to become an actual pirate?

Find the treasure map!

Where is that this map?

Set to the lost islands!

Full of mystery journey.

What are we looking for?

Treasure island!

I have dreamed about it since I was a young lad.

What is on this island?

Blimey! The treasure, after all. But beware, there be danger!

So we must blow it all up.

What do I do once I find the treasure?

You’ll never betray me, right?

Of course not, Captain!

Then you’ll be rich, you’ll have rewards and prizes!

And you won’t should walk the plank!

From how to turn out to be a pirate for dummies:

- Your path is filled with landlubbers you could blow to bits.

- Beware of crabs as they pinch you on the... Ouch!

- Rescue the blundering hunter's turtles.

- The brutal pirate wheels are filled with gold.

- There are also friendly pirates, trendy pirates, and ugly pirates…

But simply remember, on pirate ships there are additionally bombs.

Earn pirate prizes by enjoying now!

and above all... blow stuff up!