MechCube: Escape

MechCube: Escape


MechCube: EscapeMechCube: EscapeMechCube: EscapeMechCube: EscapeMechCube: Escape

MechCube: Escape is the following entry in the in style Mechanical Box collection of puzzle video games. Your character finds himself inside a mysterious structure merely named 'The Cube' for its shape. The place has many rooms. There's a control panel in the center of each room — a puzzle contraption, and if you can solve the puzzle, you'll unlock passages to more rooms.

Each management panel is a novel enigma consisting of various ciphers, logic puzzles, attentiveness checks, puzzles to test your capacity to correlate info, and the power to suppose outside of the field.

Your character strikes from one room to another and discovers all of the puzzles in this manner. By exploring The Cube, the character will fall into deadly traps, and you will unlock colorful comic-book-style endings. The total objective of the game is to search out all the endings (most of which are secret) and acquire all of the hidden artifacts — numerous references to trendy popular culture.

MechCube: Escape — Game Features:

Tricky riddles and hard-to-solve puzzles

Gruesome traps and several other possible endings

Secrets, Easter eggs, and references to pop culture

Colorful hand-drawn comic art and profound music rating evoke the texture of dark sci-fi stories

The most unusual recreation within the Room Escape and a hundred Doors genres

Test your IQ stage by decoding the difficult ciphers of the Mechanical Cube

Puzzles vary from simple to extremely hard

Unique gameplay expertise and fascinating logic puzzles

Search for collectible items throughout the ominous rooms of The Cube

You can skip a hard room with the 'Skip' feature

Regular game updates to add new puzzles

The sport is FREE and doesn't require an Internet connection. You can play offline, and take it anywhere with you!

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