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MeetKai VAMeetKai VAMeetKai VAMeetKai VAMeetKai VA

Welcome to a preview of our search AI know-how, the primary version of MeetKai VA. This app will reveal our conversational AI capabilities while you discover Streaming, Restaurants, and Recipes.

¿Who’s Kai?

Kai is a man-made intelligence virtual assistant developed in Los Angeles, CA: the first to offer customized results, understand negation, and extra complex questions as you use your voice and natural tone. Instead of asking find Chinese restaurants machine-style, faucet on Kai and say advocate a nearby Chinese restaurant.

Want to attempt one thing extra advanced? Kai can even keep in mind the context of your inquiries to filter or add extra info to your authentic request. Follow-up questions are the place MeetKai shines.

Talking about restaurants, give this a shot: How about Italian instead?

Ask MeetKai to:

Search and stream motion pictures or TV shows

Find me an Emma Watson movie that isn’t Harry Potter

I need to watch a film with Will Smith

What’s an excellent motion movie?

Recommend me a TV collection

Discover new recipes

Find me a recipe with fish

“How about something extra sophisticated”

I want to prepare dinner a 30-minute Italian meal for dinner.

What’s a good wine to go along with that?

Find new restaurants

Show me an excellent restaurant close by.

How a couple of restaurant with good pizza.

Where can I get tacos in Marina Del Rey?

I need to order sushi.

The more you communicate to your voice assistant, the extra personalised your outcomes will be as Kai adapts to your vocabulary and preferences. Other domains similar to News, Books, and common chit-chat are coming soon! Please concentrate on the 3 domains above for one of the best MeetKai expertise.

Have fun! and revel in MeetKai.

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