Calendar Pro V3

Calendar Pro V3

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Calendar Pro V3Calendar Pro V3Calendar Pro V3Calendar Pro V3Calendar Pro V3

This is a full-featured Gregorian calendar for Android mobiles and tablets. With this product you'll be able to handle the identical events as with the standard Android calendar. Of course it is free from commercials.

Unique awesome super-features

✓ Built-in Alarm functions

✓ Vertical seamless scroll by way of all months and years

✓ Graphical views with 24h horizontal timeline

✓ Answer and examine invitations

✓ Drag drop to move/copy/paste/change occasions anywhere

✓ 81 colour themes which can be proven in normal or darkish mode

✓ Single-click on occasions regular month views to inspect

✓ Fast-scroll 2011-2036 without lifting your finger

Calendar Pro supports built-in holidays for UK-England/Wales, UK-Scotland, UK-Northern Ireland, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Norway, Netherlands and Finland. Flag days and name-days are additionally included for some of these countries (see below). Note that the week's first day and quantity adapt to the device region.

More options

✓ App notifications totally supported

✓ Individual event-reminder ALARMs with a repeating sound, also breaking non-disturbing mode. You select the alarm sounds

✓ Invite attendees, optionally selected out of your contacts

✓ Copy/cut/delete the occasion immediately when inspecting

✓ Snooze occasion notifications

✓ Email reminders

✓ Unlimited number of occasions per day in month views

✓ View attendee response standing, organizer request and attendee’s contact photo

✓ Inspect Edit event visibility as busy/available/tentative in addition to events integrity as private/public and so on.

✓ 1x1 widget exhibiting you the present date

✓ Events may be created/edited/deleted on the identical accounts as the standard Android calendar, e.g. a Google calendar account

✓ Event colors

✓ Two reminders per event

✓ A lot of repetition options, e.g. repeat weekly on particular weekdays

✓ Symbols displaying repetition/alarm

✓ Copy/Paste events

✓ Three event textual content sizes

✓ Holidays for United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands and Finland (both Finnish and Finnish-Swedish)

✓ Flag-days for United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

✓ Name days for Sweden

✓ Moon phases 2011-2030

✓ Sunrise and sunset approx. times

✓ Zodiac indicators approx. dates

✓ Summertime/wintertime day notes

✓ Lots of colour themes: eighty one themes proven either in regular or dark mode

✓ Four widgets:

- Super-Widget which exhibits many events, holidays, name-days, moon phases and so on. daily in a delicious layout

- Day-number widget (1x1) displaying present date and week (red if holiday)

- The small widget exhibiting three next upcoming events

- The big widget displaying greater than three events. Holidays, name-days and so on. are proven, however only for the present day only

✓ The home icon button takes you directly to today’s date

✓ Calendar occasion colors user-tuned per calendar account

✓ You can choose which calendar accounts you need to show/sync/colorize

✓ Week numbers are built-in. Support each for EU and US week number systems

✓ Menu capabilities to leap to selected date or week number.

✓ Powerful search function

✓ Reminder supported with alerts using the usual calendar function

In English mode the product may have an international icon, apart from UK areas where the icon will be the UK icon.

We only provide support in the languages English and Swedish, although we also learn Norwegian and Danish. Questions in different languages usually are not answered.


This app isn't examined with talkback.

We solely frequently check the app with Google/Gmail calendar accounts, though we now have carried out plenty of checks also for different systems. However, we don't guarantee that our app is absolutely practical with other techniques, e.g. proprietary/company calendar systems, e.g. MS Server primarily based solutions (Exchange etc.), Linux based mostly systems, net resort solutions, or any type of Outlook accounts/servers.

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