Early Bird Alarm Clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock

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Early Bird Alarm ClockEarly Bird Alarm ClockEarly Bird Alarm ClockEarly Bird Alarm ClockEarly Bird Alarm Clock

* If there's a 'colon' on the time announcement, please disable 'Number processing' on Android settings General administration language and enter Text-to-speech Preferred engine. Maybe there is a bug on TTS engine on US. *

Early Bird Alarm Clock is devoted to the basics of Alarm Clock. It is easy but powerful.


✔ Various themes

You can set a beautiful theme on your persona.

✔ Select alarm date for shift worker

Complete schedule corresponding to day-night-off-holiday might be okay!

✔ No extra same alarm sound everyday!

It prevents you from sleeping as a outcome of acquainted alarm sound!

It uses completely different alarm sound randomly.

✔ Use numerous alarm cease technique in combination!

Combination of QR code, voice recognition, and hint and write force you to get up.

✔ Weather forecast

Do you check the climate forecast every morning?

Early chook exhibits the climate forecast on notification screen!

✔ Today's events

If alarm is turned on, it lets you realize the weather and occasions to plan right now.

✔ Talking clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock says present time during alarm firing.



It is required to set customized ringtones in your external storage.


It is needed to dismiss an alarm by taking a QR code.


It is required to dismiss an alarm by voice recognition.


It is want to level out a current climate in your location.


It is want to level out events in your calendar.

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