blocos - time block daily planner organizer

blocos - time block daily planner organizer

By Salebox Inc.

blocos - time block daily planner organizerblocos - time block daily planner organizerblocos - time block daily planner organizerblocos - time block daily planner organizerblocos - time block daily planner organizer

blocos is the final word daily planner time blocking app built to make you productive and organized!

This app approaches time management and every day organization in an progressive means, inspired by a Wait But Why article.

It has a day by day schedule planner based on the one hundred forty four blocks daily calendar that will make it much simpler to time block your habits.


It's onerous to plan your day as only one big block of 24 hours. You over or underestimate how productive and organized you may be.

This progressive calendar is straightforward: it breaks down this massive 24-hour block into 10-minute pieces, so you'll be able to better visualize your time and properly timebox your habits, duties, and actions.

144 10-minute blocks equal to 1440 minutes, or 24 hours. If you sleep 7-8 hours a day, you may have a hundred small blocks to maintain monitor of. If you're employed for 8 hours, nicely, you'll have fifty two blocks left.

Using the app you may see how little time you might have. However, you may also be in a position to monitor it far more efficiently, constructing a routine with every day habits that best suit your way of life.

How will you utilize the subsequent block? Start behavior tracking and stop procrastination with some great options:

- Create as many activities as you want. You can journal everything!

- A blocks-based visualization of every single day: time block your way to your goals and end procrastination!

- Daily reminders in the day planner: after allocating an exercise, you will receive a notification 10 minutes earlier than it starts!

- The perfect productive behavior tracker: you'll find a way to simply use it as a day by day habit tracker to be positive to build good habits or stop dangerous habits

- Journal and Planner: It's a passion planner, so you'll be able to always have time on your passions, however it's also a school planner/work planner that'll assist you to focus on what you need to do

- Statistics and charts make this the final word objective tracker and activity tracker

- Ad-free: we hate adverts and don’t wish to hassle our users

- No want for an internet connection! Wherever you are, you'll have the ability to see your blocks and start working or learning proper away!

You can use this app in two ways:

1. A exact journal and time planner: strictly planning every single day, keeping monitor of every block

2. A great weekly planner: pick a couple of actions to trace. You can maintain monitor of just some of them, leaving the rest blank, and visualize the weekly calendar with the blocks filled

Both ways will help you live extra productive and happier days!

However, it's far more than a time-blocking app!


To construct a every day routine, be productive and arranged, just offering an progressive daily calendar is not enough.

This app goes past being a habit monitoring app or probably the greatest aim tracker apps: we goal to be one of many high productivity apps, no matter how good are your time administration skills!

The activities are the premise of everything. Inside them, you've a bunch of power-ups and widgets that make them very powerful!

Features that make it top-of-the-line life planner, daily planner free group apps:

◦ A full process supervisor: arrange your to-do-list for each activity, create a daily checklist or day by day reminders

◦ Focus timer: open the Pomodoro timer to use the Pomodoro technique, set how long are the focus rounds, quick breaks, and lengthy breaks (the classic 25-10-30 method or custom like 60 30 30)

◦ Keep a every day diary or save essential notes: use the Notes widget inside the activity to create notes like a diary or simply use it as a observe block.

◦ You can maintain a diary for every related activity or just focus on the deep work!

SOON: Very quickly there will be a Group Pomodoro function that will allow you to track time along with your team or just hold focus with other individuals which may be working or studying! A group Pomodoro (or staff time tracker, team timer) like you've by no means seen before!

Stop wasting your blocks with out noticing! Become productive proper now!


Need help? Send an email to [email protected]

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