By AlpSoft SA Switzerland


SwissWorkTime is a simple however superior tool for recording your hours, absences, expenses and activities.

The SwissWorkTime cell application has been designed to make it straightforward on your staff to adopt a new way of recording time.

It is very intuitive to make use of and lets you enter hours worked in addition to expenses.

For the worker on his smartphone :

-Entry of working hours, absence time by worksite/project and journey time, breakdown by task/activity

-Entry of expenses/indemnities (travel, meals, ...) with photos of receipts

-Creation and modification of worksites/projects, geolocation

-Entry of comments, photographs of tasks carried out and history of interventions

-View of assessments and follow-up of worksites/projects

-Management of provides used

-Validation of staff' hours by staff or worksite/project managers

-Application in the user's language: French, German, Italian, English, Portuguese

-Display of the current vacation and additional time balance

-Clocking in and out on a hardware time clock using a QR code scan

-Time entry utilizing a timer

-NEW Time recording and administration of workers (team) by their supervisor

For the company on the website

-Weekly/monthly/annual stories per worker with breakdown by worksite/project

-Management of employees, worksites/projects and supplies

-Tracking of duties and actions by worksite/project and era of a value and time quantified assessment

-Validation of hours and calculation of overtime

-Import and export of information (Excel, Winbiz, Iccoffice, ...)

-Configurations by department

-CCNT report technology for motels and restaurants and GastroTime integration

-Management of deferrals and the current standing of holidays and overtime

-NEW Balance sheet per division with all projects/worksites (hours, portions of supplies, costs)

Don't wait any longer to test the application!

Create a DEMO account to see how the mobile software works and an EVALUATION account to configure all of your firm settings (

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