Note Reminder - Easy Notify

Note Reminder - Easy Notify

By Moritz Schramm

Note Reminder - Easy NotifyNote Reminder - Easy NotifyNote Reminder - Easy NotifyNote Reminder - Easy NotifyNote Reminder - Easy Notify

With Easy Notify you will always remember something. A Notify is a observe that reminds you of your task or another thing. To handle your Notifys, you'll be able to simply create a new listing and add new Notifys to it. Also, you can create a widget in your homescreen to add and manage your notes simply. Notifys can be sticked to your notification bar, so you have alwasy a take a look at your memos. The App has also a nice speech to text function, incorporates no ads and is free endlessly.


- Create Reminders, set the alarm for every observe individually

- Simple Memo operate with further notifications, so that you've at all times your duties on screen

- Manage your notes in your homescreen with an helpful widget

- Create a backup

- Using the responsive materials design

- Fast enter with speech to text

- Always clear: With lists you can organise your notes efficiently

- By holding a Notify you possibly can edit and delete it

Permission explained:

- Permission external storage: Required for ringtones and backup

- Permission run at startup: This is required to update the notifications of the app after the system start. Otherwise you would want to click on the app to indicate the Notifys.

- Permission management vibration: This is used for the reminders

- Permission in app purchases: Only used for donations, the app is of course totally practical with no payment

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