HomePass® by Plume

HomePass® by Plume

By Plume Design, Inc.

HomePass® by PlumeHomePass® by PlumeHomePass® by PlumeHomePass® by Plume

The Plume App permits you to easily set up and manage your Plume WiFi community. Plume Adaptive WiFi™ places the brains of your WiFi system within the cloud and adapts in real-time to the areas in your home and the gadgets and applications that are running on your network. Plume is ideal WiFi, adapted to every experience.

Plume features:

- Set up in minutes

- Plume delivers an all the time on expertise, reliably covering every nook of your home in fast WiFi

- Automatic updates make your network faster, smarter and more secure

- Plume will get more intelligent over time. It learns your personal home's WiFi habits and adapts to your family's needs

...and naturally, emojis may be included in your WiFi community title

We want your feedback. Reach out at [email protected]

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