Anoc Pro Octave Editor

Anoc Pro Octave Editor


Anoc Pro Octave EditorAnoc Pro Octave EditorAnoc Pro Octave EditorAnoc Pro Octave EditorAnoc Pro Octave Editor

Anoc is a secure Octave Editor (Matlab clone) for your Android Device. It permits you to create and handle Octave tasks immediately on your Android system and generate the result and plots through the use of Verbosus (Online LaTeX and Octave Editor)

Octave is ... meant for numerical computations. It provides capabilities for the numerical resolution of linear and nonlinear problems, and for performing different numerical experiments. It also offers intensive graphics capabilities for knowledge visualization and manipulation

This software is offered as is without warranties or circumstances of any kind, both expressed or implied.

Before you obtain this app please check if it can do every thing you need by attempting the available capabilities utilizing the web interface on our website.


* Automatic Dropbox synchronization (Local Mode)

* Automatic Box synchronization (Local Mode)

* Use a devoted server that runs a full Octave set up to perform expensive mathematical calculations

* 2 Modes: Local Mode (stores .m files in your device) and Cloud Mode (synchronizes your initiatives with the cloud)

* Generate and suppose about the outcome and plots from your Octave code

* Syntax highlighting (comments, operators, plot functions)

* Hotkeys (see below)

* Web-Interface (Cloud Mode)

* Autosave (Local Mode)

* Unlimited number of initiatives and documents (Local Mode)

* Encrypted transmission to the server by using HTTPS

Add present .m recordsdata / import current projects in Local Mode:

* Link to Dropbox or Box (Options - Link to Dropbox / Link to Box) and let Anoc automatically synchronize your projects


* Put all your information within the Anoc folder in your SD card: /Android/data/verbosus.anocpro/files/Local/project/

Please note: There should exist no much less than one .m file. The name of the challenge is the project folder title.

Use operate recordsdata:

Create a brand new file e.g. worker.m and fill it with

function s = worker(x)

% worker(x) Calculates sine(x) in degrees

s = sin(x*pi/180);

In your primary .m file you can name it with


Load a file right into a variable with the load command (Local Mode):

data = load('name-of-file.txt');