Indistractable Launcher - The Minimalist Launcher

Indistractable Launcher - The Minimalist Launcher

By Indistractable

Indistractable Launcher - The Minimalist LauncherIndistractable Launcher - The Minimalist LauncherIndistractable Launcher - The Minimalist LauncherIndistractable Launcher - The Minimalist LauncherIndistractable Launcher - The Minimalist Launcher

Welcome to the Indistractable launcher ⭐️

Tired of the clutter?

Want to take a shot at being extra focused?

Let’s assist you to in your goal to digital detox and live a life free from undesirable distraction! ( let’s make the journey tremendous cool!)


✶Indistractable Launcher is inspired by The gentle phone.

✶Focus on what matters - only the core apps you really need

✶Keep it simple

✶Inspired by Atomic Habits by James Clear, Deep Work by Cal Newport and of course Indistractable by Nir Eyal

Key features:

Minimalist design:

- app search bar


✅ Light, dark theme

✅ At a glance Screen Time

✅ At a glance Weather Widget New Minimalist weather screen with animated icons

✅ Auto Switch between light/dark theme based on time of the day.

✅ Quick Access to Clock

✅ Quick Access to Calender

✅ Optional Battery percentage indicator.

✅ Custom Font Support.

✅ Hide apps.

✅ Rename apps.

✅ Inbuilt duties - shortly entry your duties for the day.

-Just swipe left to See all of your apps

Coming up:

Set your intention. We’ll make sure it occurs.

Batched notifications. Choose whenever you want to see them.

Additional Shortcuts, widgets.

Support for Folders, Custom sorting choices.

‍ ‍ Community:

Join our Indistractable Beta Tester group:

Follow us on Twitter: @indistract

** Disclaimer**

Your knowledge. Your privacy. We respect it. There isn't any unexpected payment, nor any commercials. No knowledge is collected.

We’re nonetheless in beta. If you’d prefer to help this indie project, do give us a shout out!

Thank you so much for utilizing Indistractable, please maintain the feedback coming, the love is mutual ❤️

Tag us on Twitter on tell us what you’d do with the additional time that Indistractable will allow you to unlock in your day :D (we’re at @indistract)

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