Flat 3D - Icon Pack

Flat 3D - Icon Pack

By GomoTheGom I

Flat 3D - Icon PackFlat 3D - Icon PackFlat 3D - Icon Pack


- 3000 icons and counting

- Alternate icons

- Icon Request

- HD Icon decision 256x256px

How to apply Flat 3D Icon Pack/Icon Changer ?

Flat 3D icon pack helps numbers of in style launcher such as nova launcher, evie launcher and many extra. Follow these steps to apply

1. Open Flat 3D Icon Pack App

2. Navigate to Apply Icon Pack Screen

3. The app shows a list of launcher which are supported corresponding to nova launcher, evie launcher etc. Select the nova launcher put in on your cellphone to apply icons from this icon pack.

4. The app will automatically applies the icons from Flat 3D icon pack for nova launcher.

Note: If launcher would not present while applying from the icon pack. Please strive making use of from the launcher itself.

Sony Xperia Home Launcher doesn't appear on this utility, however it might possibly apply Flat 3D icon pack with different settings.

The setting for Sony Xperia :

1. Long press on the primary screen

2. open the settings

3. Scroll down and open the looks icon setting

4. select Flat 3D icon pack

5. carried out, your Sony Xperia has applied Flat 3D icon.

Note: Icon pack only Support on Sony Xperia Home Launcher 10.0.A.0.8 Or Up.

Supported Launcher:

Icon Pack for Nova Launcher

Icon Pack for Apex Launcher

Icon Pack for ADW Launcher

Icon Pack for ABC Launcher

Icon Pack for Evie Launcher

Icon Pack for Next Launcher

Icon Pack for Holo Launcher

Icon Pack for Lucid Launcher

Icon Pack for M Launcher

Icon Pack for Action Launcher

Icon Pack for Sony Xperia Home Launcher

Icon Pack for Aviate Launcher

Icon Pack for Smart Launcher

Icon Pack for Go Launcher(doesn't assist icon masking)

Icon Pack for Zero Launcher(doesn't assist icon masking)

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special due to Dani Mahardika for Candybar Dashboard.

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