Baby Tracker Care

Baby Tracker Care

By BardSoft

Baby Tracker CareBaby Tracker CareBaby Tracker CareBaby Tracker CareBaby Tracker Care

This app make it simple to track all of your child's day by day activities and monitoring your child's improvement.

Breastfeeding and Daily Feed Logger

* Tracks time nursing per breast and whole for every day full nursing session and pumping

* Tracks nursing, formula, solids, or any combination

Sleep Schedule

* Play lullabies earlier than sleeping

* Keep last sleep and day by day whole sleep information with timer or add manually past sleeps

Diaper Change Care Tracker

* Time of last diaper altering and type

* Last tub kind and adding manually other cares

Health Logger

* Log medical historical past corresponding to drugs, vaccines and temperature checks

* Remind medicines, vaccines and physician controls

Growth Tracker

* Keep measurement knowledge and examine towards WHO averages

* Watch baby’s development and progress over months

Milestone Log and Diary

* Make custom categories for baby’s first steps, first smile, first words and more

* Write a baby journal for remembering necessary moments

Baby Development

* Read month-to-month child growth and study what your baby could do this month

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