«Middle East» Asharqalawsat

«Middle East» Asharqalawsat

By Saudi Research and Publishing Company

«Middle East» Asharqalawsat«Middle East» Asharqalawsat«Middle East» Asharqalawsat«Middle East» Asharqalawsat«Middle East» Asharqalawsat

Asharq Al Awsat's daily articles are at your finger tips. Content is break up into significant sections, allowing you to rapidly locate your favourite information.

The App is filled with unique features; including Bookmarking, Like, and share articles.

The above features are only a subset of what the app has to offer. Other options you may surely welcome are:

• Offline shopping: gadgets are automatically cached in your system, permitting you to browse them later even when your system's connectivity is disrupted

• Sharing articles throughout social media, e.g. Twitter and Facebook, as nicely as via traditional email

• Control over which sections to display and which to hide

• Ability to extend your search past keywords to authors and subjects

• Ability to stream a number of the newest movies, which are carefully adapted to your device and bandwidth

• My News section with the articles you most fascinated in

• Local weather forecast

• Follow friends; what they read, comment and like

• View record of customers who appreciated or commented on an article

• Views all customers who learn and bookmarked an article

• Adjustable article textual content size

• Like an article

• Audio reader

• Send a contribution in text, picture or video for Live News

• View your followers and who you are following, view your feedback and all article you liked

• News Near your location

• Follow your favourite author

• PDF Daily Edition

• Latest News Opinion

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