Rhythmetallic: Metal Rhythm

Rhythmetallic: Metal Rhythm

By Garrison Gate Games

Rhythmetallic: Metal RhythmRhythmetallic: Metal RhythmRhythmetallic: Metal RhythmRhythmetallic: Metal RhythmRhythmetallic: Metal Rhythm

Do you like tap rhythm video games, but you are uninterested in the same old pop, bts, or edm music?

Want a rhythm master rock game with the basic faucet faucet music gameplay?

Try Rhythmetallic – heavy metallic tap music rhythm sport. This faucet tap music guitar recreation leads you on a enjoyable music tapping adventure full of original heavy steel music that is positive to satisfy your taste.


Start your Rhythmetallic steel journey and explore multiple heavy metal rhythm genres. See the exact metallic genre before you play the rhythm recreation. Complete them all with the highest score possible and present that you're the #1 tap music master.


Enjoy a dark-themed setting and graphics accompanied by a basic tap rhythm gameplay. Show velocity, capacity to really feel the rhythm, and be precise identical to you are a member of the rock band taking part in the song.


For an added thrill, our heavy metal music rhythm game contains a international leaderboard of faucet rhythm masters similar to you. Top the leaderboard and show that you're a skillful rock guitar player that can match the energy and darkness of heavy metal.


◉ Diverse metallic music genres

◉ Expanding collection of metal music

◉ Arrange levels by title or difficulty

◉ Different worlds to explore

◉ Purchase gems for a greater experience

◉ Global leaderboards

◉ Control the Master, Music, and SFX Volume

◉ Control the Note Speed

◉ Control the body rate


◉ Heavy metal

◉ Thrash metal

◉ Power metal

◉ Death metal

◉ Black metal

◉ Djent

◉ And more...

Now it’s time to break out of the ordinary and luxuriate in a heavy steel music rhythm recreation.

Play Rhythmetallic for FREE.

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