Note Rush: Learn to Read Music

Note Rush: Learn to Read Music

By Thomas Grayston Software

Note Rush: Learn to Read MusicNote Rush: Learn to Read MusicNote Rush: Learn to Read MusicNote Rush: Learn to Read MusicNote Rush: Learn to Read Music

Note Rush is a fun and effective game for practising observe reading on the music workers to help you learn to play the piano, keyboard, flute, saxophone, violin... you title it! Recommended by Music Teachers, Note Rush reveals you one note at a time in random order then uses the microphone to hear as you play through them such as you would with note reading flash cards, only these flash playing cards check that you just're enjoying the right note!

Play with a bunch of fun themes and race to earn stars and beat your greatest time! Note Rush is nice for educating keyboard geography by ensuring every observe is played within the right octave. An indispensable music theory must-have for learning sight studying in any respect levels of music training.

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Listens to Your Instrument


Note Rush helps college students learn a robust affiliation between notes on the page and keys on your instrument by utilizing your system's microphone to detect if you play every note. Works with pianos, keyboards, flutes, violins, you title it! (See QA below for extra about supported devices.)



Note Rush goes as quick or as gradual as the student with no time limits, so is appropriate for full beginners right through to being a fun problem for professionals!

Grand Staff Context


The entire grand staff is always visible, exhibiting each notice in full context and serving to students find out how notes are spaced outacross the 2 staves.

Octave-Sensitive Keyboard Geography


It's a B, however which B Note Rush teaches keyboard geography by ensuring you're getting the notice in the right octave each time.

Great for Home Practise


Students will rush to their instrument at home every single day with NoteRush, chasing that elusive excessive score! Unlike flashcards, kids can drill observe identification at residence with no music-reading mother or father required to examine in the event that they're getting them right - Note Rush checks for you! Play every single day and you will soon have the ability to identify and identify notes instantly!

Fifteen Levels or Make Your Own!


Note Rush has fifteen built-in Levels, from Middle C-Position right by way of to the full grand staff with 2 ledger lines above and beneath. There are Levels for Treble Clef, Bass Clef or full Grand Staff!

Or choose your individual custom notes in Level Designer, with optional sharps and flats for an added challenge! Teachers can choose notes for a pupil then ship their customized level as a Level Card via Email or Text Message for the scholar to open on their device.

Better Than Flash Cards!


Use Note Rush as a substitute of printed flash cards! Note Rush was designed to exchange the cards utilized in One Minute Club - a challenge you can run in your studio the place students have to finish a given level in underneath a minute. Give it a try!

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Note Rush is made by Thomas Grayston, a software program developer, pianist, and husband to a piano trainer.

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