DoSolFa - learn musical notes

DoSolFa - learn musical notes

By musicagames

DoSolFa - learn musical notesDoSolFa - learn musical notesDoSolFa - learn musical notesDoSolFa - learn musical notesDoSolFa - learn musical notes

DoSolFa is a music sport designed to learn to read musical notes.

With vibrant graphics, catchy tunes, and a really good gameplay, it has by no means been easier to learn how to learn musical notes.

DoSolFa is suitable for all levels, from the whole newbie to the professional musician. Thanks to the 7 clefs proposed (treble clef, bass clef, C-clefs), every individual can progress in the clefs of his selection, instrumental or voice.

Highlighted traces have been set up as a information to assist beginners, and small stars twinkle to indicate the solution when an error has been made.

For every of the clefs, a hundred ranges of increasing problem will make you an skilled while having enjoyable. An special infinite stage generates notes randomly with increasing speed, and permits the player to proceed to progress, even when all the degrees have been accomplished.

Each notice identified is performed by DoSolFa, permitting you to familiarize yourself with the pitch sounds. The background music tracks, quite a few and diversified, complement the pitch sounds to create a real musical expertise.

DoSolFa is played both with solfege (do re mi...) or letters (A B C...).

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