Car Audio Setup

Car Audio Setup

By Dr. Johann Gaus

Car Audio SetupCar Audio SetupCar Audio SetupCar Audio SetupCar Audio Setup

Car Audio Setup may be seen as an acoustic multimeter for real-time measurements: In the car, neither the mounting location of the loudspeakers nor the listening positions may be changed. The focus of the measurements is therefore on optimizing the frequency response. The app supplies the mandatory tools with function generator, real-time analyzer and spectrogram. In addition, an oscilloscope helps in troubleshooting: Before the primary measurement, expertise has shown that it ought to be ensured that audio system and crossovers have been related and adjusted accurately. In addition to real-time measurements, frequency response and impulse response may be measured through logsweep for more exact analyses.

Real-time measurements

- Two views, freely configurable with oscilloscope, perform generator, real-time analyzer and spectrogram

- Mono and stereo microphones supported

- Use of measurement microphones (import of calibration curve)

- English and German


- Trigger and rolling display

- 4 channels: Microphone (L, R), operate generator (L, R)

- Switchable automatic gain management for microphone channel (AGC)

Function generator

- Two separately configurable mills, output mixable

- Sine and white noise

- Burst

- Polarity, steadiness and delay of stereo channels adjustable

Realtime Analyzer and Spectrogram

- FFT window, length, common and overlap of consecutive FFTs

- Zoom with 2-finger gestures

- Pause button and snapshots of multiple curves for evaluation of brief sound events

Measurement by logsweep

- Series function for quick measurement at many microphone positions

- Automatic dedication of microphone place based on sound travel times

- Fade-in of calculated reflections (comb filter) for comparison with measurement data

- Impulse response - linear: uncooked knowledge, smoothed data, step response, energy-time curve

- Impulse response - logarithmic: raw knowledge, smoothed knowledge, maximum values, energy-time curve

- Display of frequency response and impulse response customizable: zoom, curves could be shifted towards one another, different orders...

- Export of results: in HTML format

- Export of measurement information: Impulse response as .wav file and measured values in CSV and .FRD format accessible

- Export of frequency response and section in .FRD format (allows import and further processing with many audio measurement programs)

All measurements

- Use of measurement microphones (import of calibration curve)

- Calibration possibilities for the built-in microphone by comparability measurements, if a measurement microphone is out there.

- English and German

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