Hexpress musical instrument

Hexpress musical instrument

By CastleWrath

Hexpress musical instrumentHexpress musical instrumentHexpress musical instrumentHexpress musical instrument

Hexpress is a group of musical instruments in your telephone. You can use it for studying, playing and composing music whenever you've the time - on practice, while waiting in line and during boring conferences. Using headphones (non-bluetooth) is strongly really helpful for louder and better sound high quality, and to not disturb others round you. The application has easy, colourful and clean interface designed to be accessible to young kids.

While every instrument behaves in another way indirectly, generally notes are played by touching shapes on the screen, and sound is formed by tilting the telephone left-right and up-down. Different instruments have different effect controls - fade in, reverb, tremolo...

Most of Hexpress instruments have uncommon honeycomb note association that is sometimes known as harmonic table note layout. It is similar Tonnetz structure, only rotated. It has many fascinating properties in comparison with standard piano layout:

• effective utilization of system display (3 octaves range)

• observe relations (intervals) are uniform throughout complete range; to transpose track to different key just play same patterns on totally different a part of instrument

• most chord shapes are grouped tightly and they are often executed with single finger swipe

• in typical scale and melody runs, notes are alternated between fingers of two hands, to permit them to be played with pace and precision

• massive intervals are as accessible as smaller intervals

Besides honeycomb layout there are also instruments with standard fretboard, and a drum set for finger-drumming.

The app includes a looper used to report repeating section. The looper is enabled from main display screen and can be used in virtually all devices. Saving or exporting loops isn't supported in app.

Instruments are not meant to be reconfigured inside the app. One purpose for this is that it offers you a chance to truly learn the instrument (you could not study a guitar if the tuning was different every time). The different purpose is that constraints and limitations actually encourage creativity and make it more accessible to younger users. I'd like to enhance present instruments' sounds and visuals primarily based on your feedback, but there will most likely never be any settings/options to fiddle with.

The app is figure in progress - interface, sounds and features are all topic to alter. The app would not acquire ANY details about person and cannot entry web. Microphone permission is elective and is used in single instrument for recording it is samples.

Hexpress is without adverts, free and open-source. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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