Music Editor: Sound Audio Editor Mp3 Song Maker

Music Editor: Sound Audio Editor Mp3 Song Maker

By HappyBees&Screen Voice Recorder&Video Music Editor

Music Editor: Sound Audio Editor Mp3 Song MakerMusic Editor: Sound Audio Editor Mp3 Song MakerMusic Editor: Sound Audio Editor Mp3 Song Maker

Super Sound is a really powerful audio editing and music editor on Android. It supports audio enhancing, cutting, splicing, mixing, convert format, voice changer, convert video to audio and so on.

Free skilled audio editor allow you to simply create ringtones, easy to get began, come and make your music!

Free, Easy, Fast!

Popular Music Editor!

Get started shortly, edit audio with one click!

Full of functions, one app can meet most needs!

Don't miss it, set up NOW!

Powerful audio editing features

✂️ Easily to cut audio:

·Perfect cutting in milliseconds, correct and fast

·Support cut a quantity of times and save the final works

·You can select to maintain the center part of the audio, or maintain the beginning and end of the audio

·Support file renaming

Rich modifying functions:

·Audio mixing

·Fade in and Fade out

·Change audio volume

·Change tone and tempo

·Change playback speed

Video editor:

·Add audio to video

·Add fade in and fade out results to your video

·Change the pitch of the video

Splicing audio:

·Combine two or extra audios into one, make great songs!

Multitrack enhancing:

·Multiple audio tracks mixing

·Split an audio into multiple tracks

·Add background music to your recording

·More features are ready for you to explore!

Increase the volume:

·Change the sound volume to be louder or smaller

Voice changer:

·Change your audio voice to male voice, feminine voice, previous man voice, robotic voice, etc.

·Custom the tone, pitch, speed, make music extra interesting!

Convert video to audio:

·Turn video into audio, you can take heed to it anytime, wherever.

·Can't download favorite music? Try to obtain the music video (MV, MP4...), after which convert the video to audio!

Insert audio to a different:

·Insert audio into one monitor, assist inserting a quantity of audios in a single audio!

Change pitch:

·Raise/lower octave, raise/lower semitone, easy and free!


·provide quite a lot of parameters optionally available, free to adjust!

File compression:

·Compress the audio to an appropriate size for sharing with associates or uploading

·You can select the output channel, sample fee, bit rate

‍♀️Remove vocal:

·Remove track vocals, hold the background music only!

Convert format:

·Support a quantity of formats, MP3, .aac, .wav, .flac, .m4a, .amr, and so on.

Convert mono to stereo:

·Convert mono audio to multi-channel!


·Simple interface, begin recording with one button

Create blank sound file:

·Create blank sound in multiple codecs, freely select pattern fee and duration

Set your works as Ringtone, Alarm, Notification, obtain this music editor/ringtone editor to release your creativity!

Batch modifying: assist batch video to audio, batch audio converter and so on!

Provide 2000 royalty-free music, you can download and use them!

More features are beneath growth, free music editor, straightforward fast audio modifying, SUPER powerful, download it now!

If you might have any feedback, bug reports, recommendations or you'll have the ability to help with the translations, please contact us at [email protected] Wish you a nice day!

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