Metronome: Tempo Lite

Metronome: Tempo Lite

By Frozen Ape

Metronome: Tempo LiteMetronome: Tempo LiteMetronome: Tempo LiteMetronome: Tempo LiteMetronome: Tempo Lite

Tempo, the premier metronome app for iOS is now out there as this free Lite version. Now you'll find a way to enjoy Tempo's core options before upgrading to its full suite of options.

Tempo provides you the features you need with out sacrificing usability. Its engine is written from the ground up for top accuracy and stability. Over that's wrapped an attractive and complete single-screen interface. Flashing LEDs also serve as buttons to customize beats, enabling the creation of complex rhythms.


- 8 totally different time signatures: 1-5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8

- 6 rhythm patterns for easy meters and 3 for compound meters

- Works in each portrait and landscape

- Visual feedback in the form of pulsating LEDs

- Customize accents or flip beats off to create more complex rhythms

- Tap tempo function

- Tempo ranges from 10 to 400

• Track variety of bars played or time your practice

•Stop playback mechanically when limit reached

•Automatic adjustment of tempo each n number of bars or n amount of time

• Coach Mode alternates between unmuted and muted bars

- 3 sounds sets

- Multi-tasking support; playback continues exterior of app

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