Hexen - Modular Synthesizer

Hexen - Modular Synthesizer

By Silicon Droid Inc.

Hexen - Modular SynthesizerHexen - Modular SynthesizerHexen - Modular SynthesizerHexen - Modular SynthesizerHexen - Modular Synthesizer

Hexen is a digital modular eurorack synthesizer on your phone or tablet with over 50 module types to choose from.

Full directions can be found right here:


Simply double click any synth module to zoom in and out.

Controls and patch cables are all simply faucet and drag when zoomed in.

48Khz DSP signal engine and 3D rendering engine provides you a really flexible, capable and fun instrument right within the palm of your hand.

Play and have enjoyable shaping your individual analogue soundscape and then mastering it down onto the inbuilt stereo tape recorder.

This free model permits you to play with all available modules and even export audio utilizing the TAPE module. The free version is restricted: you'll have the ability to't save your racks. You can improve with an in app purchase to activate rack saving as *.hxn files.