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good friend radio


good friend radiogood friend radiogood friend radiogood friend radiogood friend radio

Liangyou Radio will produce a selection of applications for you, including sizzling discussions, radio dramas, marriage and love talks, caring counseling, reading and sharing of books and articles, music and poetry, life development sources, etc., that will help you accumulate knowledge in life and achieve a rich life .

This app consists of 4 areas:

- Beginners Listening ─ Programs Recommended for Beginners

- Today's Shows ─ Today's Fresh Air Programs

- Program Category ─ List all applications by program content in detail

- Self-selected applications ─ Favorite programs

Welcome to take heed to what suits you applications and interact with our hosts.

Liangyou Radio also has a Peer Channel cell application, which is an online radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day.

About Liangyou Radio

Gospel Broadcasting

Liangyou Radio is a Christian radio station. Since its launch on July 29, 1949, it has been dedicated to broadcasting the gospel to mainland China information.

Care and counseling

Care for the wants of the viewers of their religion and life, and hope to be close pals with the audience, hold palms with one another, and walk shoulder to shoulder on the highway of life and religion.

Cultivation and training

Strive to domesticate extra Christian workers with character, faithfulness and data, and a universal mind for the church in the Mainland.

Multiple platforms

Broadcast through shortwave, medium wave, micro SD flash reminiscence card, website, streaming schedule, cell utility, social platform, mobile media, and so forth.

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