Ultimate Banjo Tuner

Ultimate Banjo Tuner

By Tabs4Acoustic - Ultimate Guitar Tools

Ultimate Banjo TunerUltimate Banjo TunerUltimate Banjo Tuner

Tune your five strings banjo in seconds in precise, responsive and easy method. Tuning your music instrument has never been so easy. Practice your music classes. Tune your banjo for better sound while taking part in scales chords!

Accurate tuner for banjos with five strings.

Play the banjo cover you like most with a superbly tuned music instrument. With this app you'll immediately get access to greater than 5 different tunings for your five-strings banjo, with extra to come in the future

Full Features

✔️ Accurate electronic banjo tuning: - professional accuracy all the way down to less than 1Hz precision

✔️ Five different tunings included - Standard, Double C, Drop C, Modal G, Open D

✔️ Easy to make use of interface - just pick up your banjo and tune it

✔️ String Notes Autodetection - play any string and let the tuner determine it out

✔️ Different Pitch Reference Frequency - The default frequency 440hz may be boring sometimes, Change the pitch reference to anything between 420hz and 460hz. So, if you're a fan of 432Hz this tuner is ideal for you.

Simple, stunning and hands-free Banjo Tuning App.

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