Rain Sounds: Relax and Sleep

Rain Sounds: Relax and Sleep

By Dream_Studio

Rain Sounds: Relax and SleepRain Sounds: Relax and SleepRain Sounds: Relax and SleepRain Sounds: Relax and SleepRain Sounds: Relax and Sleep

If you want a relaxation, you have a problem with insomnia or excessive stress, transfer to the land of the sounds of rain with a free application rain sounds: relaxation and sleep.

Soothing rain sounds, sounds of thunderstorm and lightning, water drops banging on a window sill will allow you to relax or concentrate whereas working and learning. They may additionally be nice background music while training yoga, meditation, studying books and e-books.

Monotonous sounds of rain and nature seems like white noise positively have an effect on the brain work, improve relaxation and rest, and help get rid of stress.

This kind of gentle rest music not only helps you fall asleep, however it works soothing for drained body after a day of work.

The noise of rain reminding white noise, can be used to sleep children. Produced by nature, relaxation sounds can be utilized to treat issues associated with insomnia and stress.

Advantages of the application:

● chosen high-quality rain sounds,

● the application can run within the background together with other functions,

● mixing the sounds of rain with other relaxing and calming sounds,

● due to the timer, utility could be turned off after a predetermined time,

● all of the rain sounds are available offline without having to include information transmission,

● slideshow mode for automatically altering the sound after a predetermined time,

● very low battery consumption,

● setting ringtone with the rain sounds,

● a large assortment of assorted rain sounds,

● assist in getting rid of stress, in relaxation and in addition with the problems with insomnia and falling asleep,

● help with rest training,

Sleep better and do away with stress with the sounds of the rain.

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