Radio Hit Fm Manele

Radio Hit Fm Manele

By CrEaTzZza Radio HitFM

Radio Hit Fm ManeleRadio Hit Fm ManeleRadio Hit Fm ManeleRadio Hit Fm ManeleRadio Hit Fm Manele

Radio HiT was created out of affection and fervour for music, for listeners, for radio!

We had been very enthusiastic about radio and we needed more and more days of broadcasting, increasingly more extra lovely listeners and present to the liking of the audience! The radio was arrange by Razvy at the time with a great friend Octavian, a neighbor of the neighborhood, and he was enthusiastic about music! and I was among the first radio stations when it comes to the number of listeners!

All good and delightful we had began to be very well-known by listeners, pals and even neighbors, till one day when the hit heard on radios, no one knew what had happened! The HiT Fm Radio station was monitored and detected by the then IGR authorities and was closed ...!

A lot of confiscated tools, antenna broadcast instruments, tape recorders and decors! For some time now nothing has been known about Hit radio, listeners have been calling different radio stations and asking about us, then Razvy has been invited to another radio station to speak about why Hit radio is no longer heard on radio and then he promised them that they'd come again again and that just for the beautiful moments spent in the course of the shows, solely and only for the listeners who had already turn into acquainted with us!

For a while the kind of at that radio station the place we advised the general public about the shutdown of the HiT radio, he proposed to us to unite and reopen collectively and Radio Hit Fm! said and carried out, it did not take lengthy to consider pay attention again to Radio Hit Fm far more engaging, much more stunning and much more listened to! The lovely exhibits lasted till the summer season of 2003 when radio Hit formally introduced on the radio that the present can be interrupted for a while, to change the placement of the studio, etc! In the autumn of 2003, the radio was reopened under a brand new formula, joining other new colleagues, specifically Romeo and Americanu, two guys that Razvy met in the Oraselul copiilor-Tineretului park in Bucharest! The packages have been much more numerous and since then we had began broadcasting continuous for a while! We were in search of renowned studios to advertise them and the soloists, and they as a substitute supplied us radio spots, everything had started to go smoothly!

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