Radio Mariam Nazareth

Radio Mariam Nazareth

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Radio Mariam NazarethRadio Mariam NazarethRadio Mariam NazarethRadio Mariam NazarethRadio Mariam Nazareth

Radio Mariam Nazareth is the first Arabic Catholic web-radio, within the Holy Land, where it addresses first of all the “living stones”, that's the Christian neighborhood.

It was born the 8th of December 2019 and it broadcasts straight from Nazareth city, in Galilee, not far from the Holy Grotto where the Virgin Mary obtained the Annunciation from Archangel Gabriel, and where the Holy Family lived.

Radio Mariam Nazareth aims to be the voice of communities rooted deep within the origins of the Church, and to symbolize totally different rites, in the richness of their traditions and heritage.

From this region traditionally so necessary, this challenge desires to advertise the information of Sanctuaries and Holy Places, to achieve the Arabic talking communities in the entire world, to contribute as nicely to a tradition of affection, peace and fraternity.

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