First Aid Pocket Doctor

First Aid Pocket Doctor


First Aid Pocket DoctorFirst Aid Pocket DoctorFirst Aid Pocket DoctorFirst Aid Pocket DoctorFirst Aid Pocket Doctor

A record of actions is offered within the occasion of the commonest diseases, accidents, injuries in everyday life, in nature, within the country and within the tropics earlier than the arrival of medical help. Errors of pre-medical self-help and mutual help, manifestations of household drug dependence are indicated. conditions and preventive drugs with expertise on five continents.

Recommended for:

- Destinations within the tropics.

- Tourist trips .

- Trips to the ocean.

- Trains abroad within the absence of the Internet.

- Like a home, household reference book.

- Learning life security.

How to use:

Based on the precept of a traffic light:

GREEN mild signifies what needs to be carried out first .

YELLOW - what is possible on this situation.

RED - what can not be done.

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1. Increased physique temperature (influenza, SARS)

2. Headache

3. A sharp enhance in blood stress (BP), crisis

4. Hypotension

5. Violation of the rhythm of the heartbeat (arrhythmia)

6. Stroke

7. Pain, burning, heaviness in the chest. Myocardial infarction

8. Sore throat

9. Cough

10. Earache

11. Toothache

12. Neck pain

13. Back pain

14. Abdominal pain

15. Allergy

16. Hangover

17. Nosebleeds

18. Fainting

19. Insomnia

20. Stress

21. Electrical harm and lightning strike

22. Food poisoning or unintended intake of medicine, technical fluids

23. Diarrhea

24. Mushroom poisoning

25. Constipation

26. Obesity

27. Convulsions, epilepsy

28. Burns

29. Acne (acne)

30. Sunstroke

31. Frostbite and hypothermia

32. Sting of a bee, wasp, bumblebee, hornet

33. Tick ​​bite

34. Burns from plants

35. Superficial wounds, abrasions

36. Severe bleeding from the wound

37. Bruises, sprains

38. Fractures of limbs

39. Choked on food, foreign body

40. Eye injury

41. Concussion

42. Poisoning with family, carbon monoxide, automobile exhaust gases

43. Drowning

44. Signs of clinical death

45. Resuscitation techniques

Extended version additionally accommodates: https ://

46. Botulism

47. Long-distance flights

48. Bite of a mosquito, midge, ant

49. Tick ​​bite

50. Spider bite

51. Bite of small domestic animals (hamster, mice, rats), cats, canine, foxes

52. Stinging burns from jellyfish, corals, sea anemones, injections on fish.

53. Prick with needles of a sea urchin

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