Poocount Lite - Toilet Journal

Poocount Lite - Toilet Journal

By tobik(a) - Tobias Kausch

Poocount Lite - Toilet JournalPoocount Lite - Toilet Journal

Poocount is an app that retains track of your bowel movements. You can easily add new entries and see a chart of all of your bowel actions over time. (All the data stays in your gadget so you keep control over them)

We hope the app might be useful for you.

Why a Poocount app? (guess we've to reply this question :-)

An increasing number of people has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD, Crohn/Ulcerative colitis or Colitis ulcerosa). There are plenty of indicators of the severity of the illness, considered one of them being the amount of time you spend on the bathroom. From time to time I ask myself if I am better now than, say 3 months in the past. Usually my mind blocks right here because it’s somewhat hard to remember the state of being some months in the past.

That's once I decided to develop a small app that may assist me with this problem. For the time that is quite a weekend venture, however hopefully it goes to be useful for you. I hope you don't mind when it takes some days to reply to questions.

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