The best software for monitoring allergic rhinitis - additionally known as hay fever - according to well being care professionals (doctors, pharmacists) and patients. The MASK-air utility has been developed by internationally-renowned allergists and has been scientifically validated.

Take quick management of your rhinitis:

⁻ by changing into a real actor of your personal well being

⁻ by preventing new crises through knowing your symptoms better and avoiding aggravation (asthma)

⁻ by having a personalised day-to-day follow-up

⁻ by measuring the effectiveness of the remedy and its possible adaptation

⁻ by anticipating crises and their administration for the next year

MASK-air is an allergic rhinitis logbook - all the time in your pocket, user pleasant, with computerized data backup, with data evaluation and visual images to enable your healthcare professional (doctor and/or pharmacist) to handle you better.

Record the symptoms of your allergic crises every day as well as the influence in your high quality of life and the medicines taken. This will assist you to and your healthcare professionals to determine the diagnosis and effective remedy for YOUR allergic rhinitis.

Many patients suffer similar to you from their allergic reactions – 20 to 30% of the world's population! Help the patient neighborhood and participate in advancing analysis. MASK-air is a global research venture aiming to raised understand this pathology, for better care. The app is deployed in more than 20 countries around the world.

Allergic rhinitis is a pathology that isn't critical in itself but that could be troublesome each day as it could trigger issues corresponding to the lack to sleep because of symptoms, extreme fatigue, development or worsening of asthma which can have an important impact on day by day life such as absence from work or repeated absence throughout research...

No identifying information are collected by way of using this application. If you accept the geolocation of your signs, this information shall be codified on our servers and can respect your privateness. All the info are saved on a secure server in Europe.

The n° 1 app for monitoring allergic rhinitis and asthma / Easy, informative and secure / Scientifically validated /

Answer the questionnaire every day In less than 2 minutes / Quick /

Understand and handle your allergy properly / Detailed stories for you and your healthcare professionals

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