List of my patients

List of my patients

By Chernyshkov Evgeny

List of my patientsList of my patientsList of my patientsList of my patientsList of my patients

ATTENTION! The program is intended for use solely by health professionals

Now you'll always have before your eyes a helpful listing of your patients!

Main advantages:

1. Name, gender, birth date, room quantity, patient's address

2. Sort and search for patients

3. Laboratory data with charting

4. Diagnosis, surgical procedure and medical appointments with autofill function

5. Adding photos

6. Export and backup patients

7. Select the applying language

8. Proper support of devices with different display screen sizes (including tablets)

The application is available within the following languages:

- English

- Russian

- Portuguese

- Ukrainian

- Turkish

Any recommendations, inquiries are welcomed by e-mail to [email protected] with the Android-MyPatients mark within the topic line.

Please, assist us to make the application out there in your own language.

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