Should I go to the doctor?

Should I go to the doctor?


Should I go to the doctor?Should I go to the doctor?Should I go to the doctor?Should I go to the doctor?Should I go to the doctor?

Are you uncertain whether or not it's necessary to name the doctor? Get an instantaneous reply with the app Should I go to the doctor?

Every yr nearly 1 million Dutch people use the app Do I have to go to the doctor?.

How does it work?

You tell the app what your grievance, gender and age is. Then reply a few quick questions and instantly get advice about whether or not you want to contact your physician. If you do not have to go to the doctor, the app offers you self-help advice. So you understand exactly what to do and avoid pointless waiting at the GP or GP post.


The questions and recommendation on this app are based on nationwide standards and protocols utilized in healthcare. In addition, this medical app has been discovered secure by the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG), the scientific association of basic practitioners. Should I go to the doctor? has a CE mark, which signifies that the app complies with all applicable European (safety) regulations. Our advice is therefore safe and reliable.

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