Piyolog vaccination

Piyolog vaccination

By PiyoLog Inc.

Piyolog vaccinationPiyolog vaccination

Piyolog Vaccination is an application that allows you to handle the vaccination schedule whereas checking the estimated time.

Vaccination starting from 2 months after birth, there are numerous sorts and frequency, and setup is difficult! It is an application that's simple to see and manage what is inoculated and what is left. By linking with the childcare document Piyolog, the couple can share the schedule and mirror the vaccination document on the childcare report facet.

◆ Main functions

-Vaccine listing

・ Registration of scheduled vaccination date

・ Registration of vaccinated data


・ Display of recommended inoculation interval

・ Display of vaccine info

-Inoculation interval table

・ Display of vaccine and inoculation interval table

-Record and register immediately from the table

-Switch between age notation and calendar notation

-Display vaccine data


-Recording and confirmation of scheduled date

-Recording and registering instantly from the calendar

-Other features

-The day of the scheduled inoculation date , The day before, one week before

・ Vaccine time is notified by age

・ Cooperation with childcare record Piyolog (automatically entered in Piyolog)

◆ Notes

・ The function of this app is to handle the vaccination schedule.

・ Please consult with your doctor earlier than deciding on vaccination.

◆ Terms of Use

In-app: Please verify from the menu Terms of Use.

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