Tides app widget - eTide HDF

Tides app widget - eTide HDF

By Elecont software

Tides app widget - eTide HDFTides app widget - eTide HDFTides app widget - eTide HDFTides app widget - eTide HDFTides app widget - eTide HDF

eTide HDF: tide chart app and widgets for the whole world.

Tide instances for over 10,000 tidal stations in the US, UK, Canada, and so on with forecasts for several months.

The app saves the final 50 tide charts offline, so you can work with out internet.

The widgets are resizable from 1x1 to 5x5 and may be displayed as each chart and a table. They are automatically up to date to mirror the present day.

The tide app follows the present location and reveals the tides close to me.

The tide graph may be stretched and squeezed by gestures. Swipe left and proper to get ocean tides prediction with minute accuracy for the following few days.

There is a horizontal line on the graph. The intersection of the horizontal line and the graph reveals the time it takes to launch and retrieve the boat. Move the horizontal line up and down to vary the depth you need. The app shops the depth of the road for every port.

eTide HDF supports native, telephone and GMT time. The heights are available in ft, inches, meters, and centimeters.

The distance measurement tool displays the space between two factors in miles, kilometers and nautical miles.

Both the app and widgets have options to change the colours and transparency of charts and tables. Widgets displays each station with its personal colour. App helps day and night themes. It is possible to extend and decrease the size of the font to make it simpler to see numbers or to see extra information.

The occasions of dawn, sundown, moonrise and moonset are proven in a table and a diagram. You can turn them on and off. The tooltip shows data for each station directly on the map whenever you hover over it.

You can save or share each tables and graphs by e-mail or messenger to your contacts.

As the info printed in eTide HDF is not topic to use on the voyage, please don't use it for navigation.

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