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Saphe Link

Saphe Link is the official app in your Saphe site visitors alarm

Avoid accidents and dashing fines

A traffic alarm from Saphe not solely helps you keep away from rushing tickets, however will increase your safety and reduces the time you spend in traffic.

One of Europe’s largest visitors communities

With a Saphe site visitors alarm you become part of a community of more than 650,000 users who rapidly share visitors knowledge from hundreds of thousands of drivers.

Saphe receives traffic knowledge from partners all over Europe – and the group is growing all the time. Saphe has knowledge companions in Finland, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. As a Saphe user you achieve access to traffic information from as a lot as 8 million drivers throughout Europe.

Together we assist each other to keep away from wasting lives, money and time. For your profit and that of the community.

Customise Saphe Link to your needs

Select the alerts that are important to you. When you could have ensured that you simply only obtain the alerts that are applicable to you, you will be able to set alert occasions, alert info and tone etc. We name this SmartAlarm, and it has been designed to guarantee that you receive the right alerts in the right means.

Lightning quick communication

Saphe Link permits fast and efficient communication between street customers – communication that makes a difference and contributes to decreasing the number of accidents on the street. Saphe Link is up to date every 1-2 seconds which is faster than any other traffic alarm system. This gives you lightning fast alerts in the occasion of an accident and other stories and ensures a strong community.

Saphe traffic alarm

With a traffic alarm from Saphe you acquire a wealth of benefits. Our traffic alarms all offer the following:

Alerts about pace cameras, accidents and dangers on the road.

Accurate alerts.

The alerts work with your different units using Bluetooth.

Automatic begin and fast installation.

Quick and secure operation.

You turn into a part of a visitors community of more than 650,000 users.

Works overseas the place you acquire entry to approx. one hundred,000 mounted speed cameras.

Getting began

All you have to do is pair your Saphe site visitors alarm along with your smartphone whenever you use Saphe for the first time. After that, everything runs automatically – as long as Bluetooth is activated on your telephone.

Install your Saphe site visitors alarm easily in your automobile within sight and reach with the accompanying installation kit – and you're able to set off.

Please note that:

- to have the ability to begin automatically, Saphe Link needs access to your location in the background, whereas the app is closed

- continuous use of GPS within the background might drain your battery sooner than normal

Find out more about Saphe at

Best regards Team Saphe

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