By UkropSoft


“UKROP” is intended for calculating goal knowledge by artillery units bearing in mind topographic, meteorological and ballistic coaching. Suitable for professional work of all military branches without exception.


* Record and preservation of elements of battle order (observation posts, firing positions, landmarks, more);

* Record and accounting of information of reconnaissance targets;

* Data search by coordinates or identify of reconnaissance targets;

* Work in the geographic info space in order to reflect the true state of hostilities on an digital map;

* Using an internet card;

* Use of offline maps (WITHOUT INTERNET)

* Determination of 1's position with show on map points;

* Obtaining meteorological conditions for firing utilizing the Internet or a transportable weather station Kestrel;

* Calculation of meteorological corrections for 3 ranges using a weather bulletin, DMK, BP-2;

* Charting calculated amendments (hydraulic fracturing) with further printing;

* Automatic calculation of calculated settings for firing for every or selected firing position;

* Display of all calculated knowledge on the target;

* Target taking pictures using a rangefinder;

* Target shooting utilizing paired statement;

* Shooting targets on the cardinal factors;

* Target taking pictures using UAVs;

* Support for tactical marks of NATO;

* Solving problems of geodesic preparation (in the absence of GPS it is extremely useful)

* Artillery compass (if the device has a built-in compass);

* Orientation of the SOB machine;

* General assistance on the utilization of software;

* Setting up software program for work;

* Import and export battle order;

* Change the language of the software program interface depending on the language of the system;

And rather more.

Of course, we understand that the record of performance evokes and we don't stop in the growth of the project.

We also emphasize that the UKROP program has proved itself to be the best among the military. As evidenced by quite a few articles in the media

Be a professional with UKROP !!!

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