Hawk Map Pro

Hawk Map Pro

By DakikTech

Hawk Map ProHawk Map ProHawk Map ProHawk Map ProHawk Map Pro

⭐⭐Pro Features⭐⭐

List view for map markings.

Adding photos to map markings.

Display an altitude graph for a drawn route.

Location search by tackle.

Export the coordinates of the marked factors in CSV format.

More map options. (Topographic, biking, etc.)

Add customized map information in mbtiles format. (File content have to be jpg or png, doesn't assist vectors)

Ability to add map url to have the ability to use maps of various map providers.

More marker icons.


This app is a contemporary version of our Mgrs Utm Map software.

GPS and coordinate methods helper especially for military personnel.

It can additionally be a whole helper for airsoft, mountaineering, trekking and mountaineering, cross operating, scouting, hunting, fishing, geocaching, off-road navigation and all different outside actions and sports.

With satellite tv for pc navigation techniques such as GPS, GALILEO and GLONASS (GNSS) supported by your system and your sensors, you possibly can see your most correct position on different map layers.


Coordinate Indicator, finder and converter

Format options:

- D°M'S (WGS84)

- Latitude/Longitude (WGS84)

- UTM (WGS84/NAD83),

- MGRS / U.S. National Grid (USNG) (WGS84/NAD83)

- SK42(Gauss Kruger)

- British National Grid(BNG-OSNG)

- Irish Grid Reference

- ED50 (6°-3°)

- ITRF (6°-3°)

You can make colored markings on the map.


Area Distance measurement

Distance unit options: m , ft , mi , yd , nmi

Area unit options: m² , ha , ft², yd², mi²

Elevation information


Angular unit choices: Degrees ,NATO mil, Warsaw Mil, Grad

Map style choices: (Road,Terrain,Satellite,Night Mode,Hybrid)

KML viewer. (Export and import KML layers).

GPS monitor recorder.

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