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Muslim Encyclopedia.

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Muslim Encyclopedia.Muslim Encyclopedia.Muslim Encyclopedia.Muslim Encyclopedia.Muslim Encyclopedia.Muslim Encyclopedia.Muslim Encyclopedia.

Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds

موسوعة المسلم

The Comprehensive encyclopedia for Muslim with Qur’an karim reading and listening to more than 200 qari.

ِA comprehensive software providers work without the need for Internet at all.

The software has been designed with an organized catalog of all the options to make the experience of utilizing it clean and easy.

Application options:-

1-Read the complete Holy Qur'an:-

Read the Holy Qur’an with interpretation, meanings of words, syntax and all the small print of every surah.

2-Listen to Quran:-

Qur’an sharif with the voice of more than 200 qari and reciters

With the function to obtain verses and play them without internet

3-Sahih al-Bukhari:-

The complete software contains Sahih al-Bukhari, and it contains all of the chapters and books of al-Bukhari from the information of Sundays, hadiths of the prophets, rulings, literature, oaths, vows, expression, interpretation, monotheism and others..

4- The 40 Hadith:-

Al-Nawawi's Forty Hadiths contain full hadiths in a coordinated manner that makes the reading experience useful and interesting.

5- Stories and Aphorisms:-

The utility also incorporates a piece for the most important tales and aphorisms, by which we discover the stories of the prophets, the tales of the companions, Islamic stories, the stories of the miracles of the prophets,

6-Daily Douaa:-

It incorporates a day by day Douaa that appears on the high of the applying web page, and the notifications characteristic can be used to remind you of the special Doua for every day.

7-My Azkar:-

It incorporates crucial Muslim azkar similar to morning and evening remembrances, mosque and home remembrances, meals, legal ruqyah, Doua , the advantage of remembrance, names of God, and others

8- Automatic azkar:-

That acts as an alarm to assist not neglect the day by day schedule of azkar. It also has the feature of activating the call to prayer with notifications, so you can set the automated azkar as wanted, and the alert is given according to the time specified by the consumer.

9-electronic rosary;-

through which you can praise and do your day by day azkar by repeatedly pressing the telephone display screen customized spot

10-Qibla direction:-

This helps to determine the path of prayer utilizing the geographical location


This comprise the most important fatwas that pertain to the Muslim's affairs, similar to fatwas on foods, religion, righteousness, relationship, morals, Hajj, zakat, prayer, fasting, ladies's points and others.

12-Prayer Times:-

To maintain you up to date with the right timings for every prayer

Memorizing Worship, which is a every day response to assist and encourage the efficiency of prayer and worship.

Dear brothers, Do not forget to share the Muslim comprehensive utility so that all can get the benefit.

We hope that the applying got your admiration and please know that sharing the applying encourages us to proceed and supply the best

May Allah forgive us all along with his mercy.

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