Electronic muezzin

Electronic muezzin

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Electronic muezzinElectronic muezzinElectronic muezzinElectronic muezzinElectronic muezzin

The digital muezzin is the Muslim's companion to take care of your prayers

With the electronic muezzin utility, which offers you with the decision to prayer and prayer times with full accuracy based on your current location, the person is asked to access your location initially of the application

Alarm with the most beautiful sounds of the decision to prayer in prayer instances within the name to prayer display, and it consists of everything a Muslim needs to carry out daily worship.

The digital muezzin makes use of your location and site service when you begin the appliance for the primary time only to show and calculate the prayer times correctly for your location.

By deciding on the location, the application calculates the prayer times for your location, and this information is used inside the application solely and is not collected or shared with anything.

Application features and advantages:

p>- (Prayer times) appears on the main screen within the form of an electronic mosque clock

- (Azan screen) shows the decision to prayer when the time for prayer arrives

- (Qibla direction) Determines the course of the qiblah.

- (Daily Remembrances) that a Muslim needs always.

- (Hijri and Gregorian calendars) in one place to facilitate the person.

- (Issakiah for the Holy Month of Ramadan ) With an alarm on the time of Iftar and Suhoor.

- (Companion of the Muslim) morning and night and remembrances after prayer and timed remembrances mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah.

- (Seal of the Qur’an) helps you seal the Qur’an in efficient and motivating ways.

p>- (Multiple languages) supported by the appliance till it reaches each Muslim, so contribute to spreading it.

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