AntiSihr: witchcraft treatment

AntiSihr: witchcraft treatment

By AntiSihr

AntiSihr: witchcraft treatmentAntiSihr: witchcraft treatmentAntiSihr: witchcraft treatmentAntiSihr: witchcraft treatmentAntiSihr: witchcraft treatmentAntiSihr: witchcraft treatment

Check yourself for the evil eye, harm and obsession with the jinn is now easier than ever!

• Take the evil eye test

• Take the sihr test

• Take the obsession test

• Treatment from the evil eye

• Treatment for obsession

• Treatment from witchcraft

• Ruqyah for reciting

• Ayats from the Qur'an

• Azkars for all occasions

• Audio of Ruqyah for listening

• Rules of Sharia Ruqyah

With the permission of Allah, every of us has the chance to pass a easy take a look at without leaving home, to search out out whether or not he is sick or not as a end result of harm, the evil eye or obsession with the jinn, and to be cured within the mobile App.

It is designed to make your life a little simpler, particularly for our mothers and sisters. Since they are extra shy in these matters and don't at all times absolutely make clear their scenario.

This utility is the one considered one of its sort, since there are not any similar functions, as far as we all know in the Russian-language Google Play.

People from different communities, nations, social teams, and spiritual get sick due to corruption, jinn possession, and the evil eye.

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, The majority of my ummah dies of (evil) eye after the qada and qadar of Allah Almighty.” Hafiz Haythami signifies that this hadith is sound. (see Majmauz-Zawaid, 5/106) Ibn Hajar states that this hadith is “hasan”. (Fathul-Bari, 10/204). May Allah protect us from the evil eye and corruption!

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