By Serenatech S.A


Serenely App, is a creation of Karim Temple Life Coach. It is a device designed for use on a every day basis. It is designed to learn to manage everyday situations, where you'll have a information and a message in the intervening time you want it most to resolve those issues that value you so much.

It is an ideal software to work daily on your well-being and emotional intelligence and for this, you will find inside the utility:

-Daily reflections authored by Karim Temple


-Angelic messages

-Management of feelings for the totally different times of the day

-Minicourses to take care of yourself, handle your emotions, have good relationships, shut cycles, cultivate your spirituality and lead a wholesome life.

-Music to meditate or relax

-Guided meditations

-Audiobooks authored by Karim Temple

-Report on your progress

You can enjoy Serenamente App, free of charge for 7 days and then you probably can access our totally different plans with special reductions.

Serene your thoughts, connect together with your inside and give which means to your life.