Students Notebook

Students Notebook

By ARC-Projects

Students NotebookStudents NotebookStudents NotebookStudents NotebookStudents Notebook

Do not wait any longer and take the option of expertise to improve your efficiency managing your subjects, notes, reminders, etc. with Students Notebook.

A easy however environment friendly design

It makes use of:

- Start: It reveals you the reminders that you've within the day, the themes beneath the minimum and the last two annotations added.

- Calculator: Set apart the widespread calculator and use our calculator extra simply and conveniently to calculate notes with and percentages.

- Subjects: it is required that topics to have an exact management of them, indicating title, common and the notes that you've got.

- Annotations: If you are considerably forgetful, new notes!

- Reminder: Do you've something to do on a particular day and time? Let the Students Book be in cost of notifying! Add reminders and set the notice time.

- Configurations: You can configure the appliance for the sea of your liking, the time of the vibrations was modified, it was marked and more issues have been personalized.

Let's depart apart the notebooks and start utilizing the cellphone for that!