Qimen (practical)

Qimen (practical)

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Qimen (practical)Qimen (practical)Qimen (practical)Qimen (practical)Qimen (practical)

Qimen Dunjia is an historical Chinese artwork, the primary of the three types (Liu Ren and Qimen, Taiyi). It is considered to be essentially the most rational method, known as the highest degree of Huang-Lao Taoism's prediction, known as the study of emperors. Its essence is a sophisticated astrophysics, which expresses the interaction between the eight planets in the solar system and the earth's magnetic area. It is a philosophical expression of the sages of the pure modifications of the universe and the legal guidelines of movement of all things, and a type of analogy to the natural prototype. It follows the philosophical view of the unity of heaven and man, combines yin and yang and five parts with the 4 seasons and eight directions, and uses the actions between the system symbols (nine stars, eight gates, 9 palaces, Qiyi and eight gods) to kind a dynamic and balanced ecosystem. Through the analysis of these system symbols on the disk, individuals can predict, modify, resolve and plan for marriage, work, career, feng shui, wealth and so forth.

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The program supplies the next capabilities:

1. Enter the essential information corresponding to time, and you can start the Qimen disk. The parameters can be selected according to the precise behavior, the type and the tactic of the disk surface.

2. The disk displays the corresponding four-column info, photo voltaic terms data, solar and sky, time and house, photo voltaic terms info, number of rounds info, worth symbols, worth brokers, heaven and earth disk, 9 stars, eight gods, eight gates, nine palaces and other info .

3. According to the results of the disk, for the Qimen Royal Ding evaluation corresponding to the carousel / Shijia / Yuejia / Nianjia of the turntable, Rijia Qimen additionally provides corresponding evaluation.

4. Data listing, providing powerful matching question. Allows data backup and restoration, etc.

5. The knowledge in the information list can be maintained at will. For example delete, modify, etc.

6. Provide parameter settings and configure according to actual habits.

7. Support engraved/shijia/day/month/nianjia Qimen. Support intercalation/demolition/repair/Maoshan/Yinpan/Change Bureau/Manual and different finalization strategies.

8. Supports the mix of turntable/frisbee/turn-flying;

9. Supports the consumer to configure the starting technique of the turntable/frisbee/turn-fly combination;

10. Allows to view the detailed information of the entrance and rear disks in real time;

11. Provides the show mode of Chinese Simplified/Traditional.

12. According to the display dimension, mechanically adapt to the Pad and cellular versions.

13. Color marks the 5 elements of the door star palace god (configurable);

14. Horse Xing and Kongshang, door darkish stem mark (configurable);

15. Support the late son to count the same day or the subsequent day (configurable);

16. The palace in the turntable sends the Kun Palace or the Gen Palace (configurable);

17. Increase the disk surface Left and right gesture swap;

18. Increase the internal and exterior disk marks, greater than 50 good and dangerous characters and evaluation of each house position;

19. Click on the house place on the disk to pop up the palace Analysis info;

20. Add auxiliary disk, you can see the data of innate palace position and solar terms, and so on.;

22. Add the operate of discovering a bureau in Qimen;

23. Support transferring to SD card to save tons of reminiscence area.

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