SAMBA 2 Remote

SAMBA 2 Remote


SAMBA 2 RemoteSAMBA 2 RemoteSAMBA 2 RemoteSAMBA 2 RemoteSAMBA 2 Remote

The SAMBA 2 Remote is an elective mobile app which might help with switching between simple set-tings of the SAMBA 2 audio processor, as predefined by your audiologist or healthcare skilled.

With the SAMBA 2 Remote app, you probably can:

Adjust the volume of your SAMBA 2 out of your smartphone.

Switch between your audio processor’s packages with a simple contact.

Check how much battery you've left for extra peace of thoughts.

For information and assist on tips on how to use the SAMBA 2 Remote, please verify, or contact your local MED-EL representative (

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