Grocy: Unlock Key

Grocy: Unlock Key

By Patrick Zedler

Grocy: Unlock Key

This app is a half of the app Grocy: Self-hosted Grocery Management, out there on Google Play at

Grocy is a self-hosted groceries and family management solution in your home. Please go to for extra details about the venture.

Grocy for Android makes use of grocy's official API to provide you a stunning interface in your telephone with highly effective barcode scanning and intuitive batch processing, all what you have to effectively handle your groceries.

The app has two barcode scanners included, ZXing and ML Kit.

Advantages of ML Kit over ZXing:

• Uses machine learning

• Super-fast scanning

• Latest technologies

• Almost no false results

• Orientation of barcodes does not matter

• Even works with fuzzy or low distinction barcodes

To use ML Kit, you want to set up this unlock app. This requires either a one-time purchase right here within the Play Store or downloading the APK from GitHub. Why we have made this decision?

You can take pleasure in Grocy for Android fully ad-free. This signifies that we now have not acquired anything for our work up to now. However, because the development takes lots of time, work and motivation, we'd be very pleased if you buy the unlock app. Surely the earned money doesn't mirror the effort, however we're motivated to further enhance the app!

There would also be donations, that's true. Unfortunately, Google prohibits any form of payment if there is no service in return. That's why we have included this unlock function.

If you don't wish to assist us, you can also download the unlock app for free on GitHub at Grocy Android and the unlock app are open supply and will stay so endlessly.

Let's go, thanks in advance!

Dominic Patrick Zedler

You need no less than Grocy Android v2.0.0 for the unlocking characteristic to work.