Elvie Trainer

Elvie Trainer

By Chiaro

Elvie TrainerElvie TrainerElvie Trainer

Elvie Trainer is a fun and easy method to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor for results in as little as 4 weeks.

It's your most private trainer, offering motivation via real-time suggestions, personalised targets, measurable progress and well timed reminders

Get the most out of your Kegels and enjoy the lifetime benefits of a powerful pelvic ground: improved bladder management, postnatal recovery and even sex!

This app solely works with the Elvie Trainer gadget (get yours at elvie.com). Once you could have downloaded the app, join it along with your Kegel coach to be guided via enjoyable, 5-minute workouts.

Using innovative technology Elvie Trainer visualizes your muscle movements and detects if you're exercising incorrectly. As you squeeze, the gem in your app lifts, and the stronger you contract the higher it lifts.

Designed with women's our bodies and lives in thoughts, Elvie Trainer has received more than 15 awards, was included within the Oscar nominee goody bag and is beneficial by more than 800 health professionals.

Find out more at elvie.com.