Book Morning! Your Story Alarm

Book Morning! Your Story Alarm

By Fourdesire

Book Morning! Your Story AlarmBook Morning! Your Story AlarmBook Morning! Your Story AlarmBook Morning! Your Story AlarmBook Morning! Your Story Alarm

Congrats on finding this funny storytelling alarm clock!

Fourdesire's habit-building App with Over 35 Million Users Worldwide:

2022 New Challenge - Wake Up On Time!

◆ Fourdesire, whose playful wellness apps have typically been enlisted in Google Play Editor’s Choice.

◆ With Red Candle Games, the developer of《Devotion》and 《Detention》who loves tales.

◆ Work collectively to create a habit-forming app to problem a new process in 2022 - Get up on time!

A new morning studying experience 《Book Morning!》

Combining the charming narrative of Red Candle Games with the interactive immersion created by Fourdesire. Let the Story Alarm Clock App accompany you to begin out a brand new day!

◆ Is it hard to get out of bed? Always inseparable from the pillows?

The book “The Golden Hour After Waking Up” suggests: Use waking up as a trigger to start your morning routine, and provides yourself a small reward after finishing a tough problem. 《Book Morning!》 strengthens the inner drive of curiosity and helps you rise up early to learn within the morning, enabling gamers to be woke up by curiosity.

◆ Ring Ring! Start a brand new journey with the primary character of the story!

In 《Book Morning!》players will play the role of assistant to the astronomer Dr. Wakey. As long as you stand up at the appointed time, a brand new story chapter shall be unlocked and you can begin a brand new day with studying. The 3 stories have been created by the writers of Devotion and Walkr, and genres cowl from struggle themes, suspenseful reasoning, to healing sci-fi novels.

◈ Unique and exciting stories ◈

- A rich and various narrative experience: select the sort of story you like.

- Interactive and immersive studying, get pleasure from a 5-minute morning studying time.

- Start the 21-day morning problem with a bedside story!

■ “Far as Cielo”

The young Avis officer, Pierce, arrives at Vody for a mission and bumps into his classmate Ray, who he hadn't seen in five years, by coincidence. However, the 2 now face a solemn and harsh actuality...

■ “The Last Cat Alive”

After Hu Yi Ting wakes from a coma, she receives consecutive visits from three unfamiliar boys, every of whom claims to be her boyfriend. Due to a concussion, she can't remember a thing from the previous week, and is not positive who's telling the reality. Who was it that pushed her off the rooftop......?

■ “No Place Like Home”

Collins and Doggii, a 6-year-old astronaut and his Shiba Inu sidekick, are on an interstellar voyage. Just as they plan to return to Earth, they encounter trouble, get thrown off course, and lose their radar, leaving them no alternative but to make an emergency landing on the closest alien planet. Facing challenges alongside their new alien associates, the duo learn many lessons along the way…

*Purchase instructions*

《Book Morning!》is free to obtain. After the trial, you ought to buy a single story or the three story pack to get pleasure from a continuous and uninterrupted reading expertise. Let the great stories accompany you to stand up early!

The alarm goes off = a aid time for morning reading!

Make the daily problem of getting up on time fun, and attempt to turn into a morning particular person. Get up early with 《Book Morning!》.

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